Stress and ways to cope

Stress and ways to cope

In these challengeing times, stress is triggered by many different events in our daily lives.  Family, news, social media, friends and can become overwhelming. 

It is important to find ways of balancing and reducing stress, as this can have detrimental affects on your health, if left to increase. 

When things start to get a bit overwhelming, and we feel a little agitated, which can lead to everyone around us being snapped at – the first thing to do is realize you are not coping and need some help. So yes, take a deep breath and step back, almost literally from the situation.

Well - “that’s easier said than done”, and I agree – the first step to being in control is knowing and realizing that you are not coping as well as you could be.

When you have dropped the kids off at school, or hubby and children have walked out of the door – instead of driving home to start on the washing and the cleaning, or the grocery shopping, take a few minutes to sit, with a cuppa in a quiet place and think, ask yourself these questions.

Read on a bit more, and find out what trees, well actually the flowers from most of the trees used by Dr Edward Bach to help bring balance and harmony into your every day lives.

  Cerato is used for those times in your life when you cant seem to decide on things, cannot make up your mind and seek the council of family and friends - but then are so confused you just do what feels right at the time - which doesn't always work out. 

Taking Cerato helps you connect with your inner knowing and understand better, what is best for you - and your family.

Elm is recommended when everything just becomes too much and is overwhelming.  Find out which remedies can help you, today

There are 38 remedies, plus a recovery remedy used in times of great discomfort. These remedies, work on the emotional feelings you have, when out of balance and cannot cope, to bring balance and harmony back into your life. No drugs, just energy and they are very effective, can be useful for the whole family, including pets.

Ask yourself “What is really going on?”

These are only three of the 38 remedies available to you to use, daily, weekly, even hourly when in great need of help and support.

Far more effective than drugs, or reaching for the bottle of wine at 2 in the afternoon, or the secret stash of cake and biscuits or chocolate – which let’s face it, only increases the size of your love handles and really only makes you feel better for a very brief moment.

I can here you saying ..

“where do I get these remedies from” and “how do I use them?”

Most health food stores stock Bach Flowers, or you could seek out the advice of a Bach Flower Practitioner first, to try them out, see if they help and if they work – which is what I would advise. Anne will be able to help you here, as she has been a Bach Flower Practitioner for several years now and is often seen to be helping people with these remedies – in The Healing Zone Training Centre

We also offer short courses to learn for yourself, so you can use them easily for yourself and family, every day available online - very soon

No need to suffer in silence, or put on a painted smile – come along and get some help, now.