Food for the Sole… The History of Reflexology

Food for the Sole… The History of Reflexology


People commonly mistake this treatment for just another foot massage that applies that extra bit of pressure your regular massage therapist may lack. You go into the run-of-the-mill Salon/Spa looking for some form of relieve for your feet, and the therapist does just that without telling exactly what you’re in for.

Good news, is that with many experience in this industry, I have a few guidelines to finding the PERFECT food for your sole, and once you have had a taste of what this treatment really is, you will not see it as just another foot massage

Let’s take It back to ancient Egypt. It is no secret that Cleopatra was the queen of all things luxury and has influenced modern day spa treatments with her use of goat’s milk and 24crt gold. But way before her time, a Physician called Ankhmahor, had pictures of foot reflexology in his tomb, dating back to  2400 BC. It was also practiced by the Indians who learn the technique from Buddhist monks who had travelled to China. The Incas, who passed it on to Native Americans, and On and On and ON…

Bringing us to the 20thCentury, Dr William Fitzgerald practiced and form of reflexology where he divided the body into 10 zones for energy flow, these zones ended at the feet and so he believed that using the feet and pressuring in specific zones in the body opening the energy passages to allow a state of balance in the body.

Well, we all know that behind ever successful man, there is a woman. She came along in the 1930’s. Eunice Ingham known as the pioneer of what we know reflexology took everyone all of the history and turned into what we know reflexology to be today.

So, what is reflexology really? You may wonder… In simple terms, this result driven treatment, uses the zones of the body and works on the principle that all the nerves end at the feet and by stimulating the soles of the feet, the therapist will allow energy to flow freely through the zones of the body, promoting a state of balance…

Now if that is not food for your sole… I don’t know what would be.