amazing lavender

amazing lavender

Lavender has been a favorite with the English for all time.

The aroma invokes calm, peaceful summer days.  Memories of grandma telling us tales of her life as a girl.  Memories of walking through the garden, the warmth of the sun on my face, and bird song on the wind.  Fresh, clean, and crisp bed sheets blowing in the breeze, drying on a summer’s day.

Aromas invoke memories and senses; lavender brings joy and peace to those memories.

The old favourites often dubbed as housewives’ myths, are not to be dismissed, with evidence proving the health benefits of lavender.

As an antiseptic, antiviral helps heal wounds and improves mood and sleep. 

The British Nurses association, many years ago, used lavender essential oil infusions and mist sprays in an elderly people’s home.  Most of the people were under the medical supervision of a team of doctors who had prescribed sleep medication.  The nurses sought permission to take everyone off the medically prescribed sleep drugs and to use lavender in its place.

Lavender essential oil was used in diffusers and oil burners and sprayed on linen, the whole home smelt divine. 

All the lovely elderly people began to sleep better, and their moods changed to be engaging and happy.  Peace and joy reignited throughout the home.  One drawback: the soothing effects of lavender also affected the nurses who were very sleepy on duty during the nightshifts but also very happy.

Lavender has been used in many cases to reduce anxiety and effectively by Nurses associations in many countries.

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