Beautiful skin - whatever your skin type

Beautiful skin - whatever your skin type
Our skin changes though out lives and as we get older, go through puberty, have children, go through the menopause we would benefit from knowing how to match our skin regime to bring out the best in our skin and to enhance our inner beauty.
A home skin regime is great, we would also recommend a monthly professional facial if you want to take good care of your beautiful skin and look the best that you can. It takes about 30 days for the cells in your skin to move up from the dermis to the outer surface also called the epidermis where the skin cells then become flattened and die and with a regular exfoliation, which is a good idea once or twice a week, your skin will look and feel great.
A facial with a professional once a month is very relaxing and the professional, if they are trained and qualified in skin care, will be able to advise you better on which products to use and will be able to give your skin a deeper more nourishing facial as well as a deeper exfoliation, keeping your skin more toned and youthful looking.
Different skin types, normal, combination, dry or oily - different skin conditions, what your facial professional will be looking for, which you may not see or realise.
Oily skin may be prone to acne, breakouts, blackheads or clogged pores if this is your skin type you would most likely benefit from a facial more regularly than once a month, until the facial professional can, with your help, bring your skin back into a more balanced condition and reduce the acne, breakouts and clear your clogged pores.
If your skin is very sensitive then less frequent facials might be better, maybe every two months, however a professional skin therapist will be able to advise you which products and how often to use them and how often to visit a professional skin care therapist.
What better way to know which products, how to recognize skin conditions and what to do, than to come on a facial training program.
Our program will cover all skin types, skin conditions, and what type of products to use. You will even learn how to make your own organic and natural products, which nourish and care for your skin.
This month, August we have a super offer, the course starts on 31st August and is reduced by a huge Dh4,000 on the course fees, so you only get to pay Dh4,000 – if you would like to take it further, and take the exams and obtain the CIBTAC facial services diploma, you can do this by November for only a small fee for registration and the cost of the exams.
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