Before the World Went Mad

Before the World Went Mad

I was thinking the other day, what life was like before the world went mad?  It seems like a lifetime ago that we could go shopping, go to a restaurant, see family and friends without being fearful.

It was only 12 months ago, well maybe 13 months ago we could do that.

During Christmas 2018 I became extremely ill, with flu.  I had a horrendous cough and intermittent fever.  The cough was the worst, and it was at times uncontrollable,

Cold temperatures made it worse and at night, as I was in the UK, if I had forgotten to keep the heating with outside temperatures of minus 4, the cold came quickly into the house, and you guessed it, the coughing started.

Twice through the four weeks that I had this awful flu, I was so ill that I needed to call the doctor as I could not breathe properly.

When the doctor came, she said, no fever, so no bacterial infection. 


“It must be a virus – your body needs to work its way through it.  Just rest, increase vitamin C, keep up your fluids.”


And that was it. 

Well that was before the world went mad!

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