Benefits of aromatherapy

Benefits of aromatherapy

Benefits of aromatherapy

(NB: it is recommended to use aromatherapy essential oils only with a professionally qualified therapist)

Throughout history, many cultures have used essential oils and perfumes for different reasons, to mask not-so-nice smells to enhance and elevate mood.

Rose was the first flower in recorded history to be made into an essential oil.  This was done through distillation by Ibn Sina, also known as Avicenna, a Persian Polymath and famous in the west for being the successor of Galen the Greek physician.

Avicenna has been credited for the steam distillation of Rose Essential oil.

Rose has a history throughout the time of being the perfume of love or the oil of love.  It is believed to open the heart and mind and is often referred to as the King of Flowers.  Rose has been used for spiritual awakenings, in medicine and its heady perfume in perfumery. 

Fossils have been found as old as 35 million years ago with Rose flowers from Central Asia.  Rose was used by the Ancient Chines, Egyptians, and Persians and in more modern times by the Romans. 

In Bath, the UK, the Roman baths are now a tourist attraction; the history of the Romans using essential oils is a prominent feature of the museum.  Romans used bath houses for meetings, relaxation, and chatting; soldiers used these for prayer and meetings.  Essential oils were used in the treatments and baths to calm and relax soldiers.  The essential oils commonly used were Rose, Myrrh, Cinnamon, Cardamom and Melissa. In their bathhouses, they particularly enjoyed the use of Lavender Oil. 

Rose essential oil relaxes the mind, relieves stress and anxiety also smells divine.

Myrrh essential oil has a warm and earthy scent that helps kill bacteria and eases pain and has been known to reduce swelling.

Mellissa, also known as lemon balm, has alleviated depression by balancing emotions.

Everyone has probably heard of Lavender oil as it has been used throughout time by many cultures.  My grandmother and mother both loved lavender and grew them in their gardens.  Summer evenings were a heady experience of lavender and rose sitting in the garden.

Lavender was used in an experience by the British Nurses who have conducted several projects using the lavender essential oil, to help the elderly with better sleep patterns and reduce and sometimes remove sleep medication.

The result was the elderly had better, longer and more relaxing and restful sleep using lavender oil infused throughout the elderly home.

It is as simple as a few drops of lavender essential oil on a tissue next to your bed, will help with sleep.

Aromatherapy can be used around the home in sprays to enhance room fragrance and energy, in essential oil burners, steam diffusers, a few drops in a bath or for steam inhalation in a bowl of warm water – often used with eucalyptus.

Eucalyptus is beneficial for relieving coughs, colds, and flu-like symptoms, easing sore muscles, boosting the immune system and much more.

Lavender relieves stress and helps promote better quality sleep

Sandalwood helps with focus and calming the nerves.

Chamomile used to improve mood and relaxation

There are more than 130 essentials used for therapy in the world all with different properties and benefits

To learn more about our aromatherapy qualifications we look at 60 essential oils and their therapeutic uses and benefits, plus how to decide on which essential oils for massage would be the most beneficial for clients.

During an aromatherapy consultation and massage, the oils chosen are discussed in depth with the consultation and blended with a base oil such as grapeseed oil.  The client is then given the balance oil to use at home.

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