Do you need a qualification?

Do you need a qualification?


Many therapists working in the beauty, wellness and salon industry are qualified, have had excellent training from colleges and centres that offer internationally recongised training and qualifications.

Many other therapists also working have never received any formal training in these industries especially in the Middle East.

What is the difference?  Can a client tell if a therapist has received professional training or inhouse training?

We have many practicing therapists join our training programs as they want to have the "certificate" to be able to stay in their jobs and to also increase their earning potential.  Most say "how much for the certificate" expecting to be able to buy the piece of paper as they have been working as a massage therapist or beauty therapist for many years, some more than 15 years without any formal training. 

When they realise they must come to school for many hours they mostly are not interested.

However the ones that do come to us and enrol on the training programs soon understand what they have been practicing and working as is very different from professionally trained and qualified therapists.

Even during their training, the therapists become very quickly profecient, professional and their treatments change quiet significantly, to the extent that more and more clients want the trained therapists.  This is really good for the therapist and also the company they work for, as the business owners soon see a rise in repeat bookings and an increase in revenue.

We are receiving some really great stories from our students both qualified and still learning, as they are being offered better jobs, and not just one or two of the students, most are being offered jobs before they qualify and from several different companies.

We are approached by many salons, spas and wellbeing centres looking for qualified and professionally trained therapist that can obtain the DHA licence.

Do you need a qualification?  Maybe not, but your career will change when you do have a professional internationally recognised qualification, so come along and join our students and change your career today.

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