Is massage a legitimate therapy?

Is massage  a legitimate therapy?

Throughout the years massage has been given a bad wrap.  Yet it is very popular with men, women, sports enthusiasts, housewives and businessmen.

Ancient civilisations have documented the benefits of massage, from Hippocrates the father of medicine, writing about the importance and benefits of "rubbing" the body, the ancient Egyptians and Chinese to modern day.

Yes your body knows better and how does it tell you?  By the aches and pains these are your bodies way of communicating with you that something is not right.  

Stress - the silent killer - can be reduced with a regular massage.  

What happens to your body when you have a massage?  

  • improves circulation
  • improves immune function
  • improves relaxation
  • reduces pain 
  • reduces headaches
  • improves sleep patterns
  • improves mood releasing endorphins

Before a massage you may feel pain in your shoulders, legs, arms, tension headache and just feel strained and stressed.

After a massage you may feel relaxed, less pain, better mood, relief for headache and better equiped to face the day and the world.

A word of advise - make sure your therapist is professionally trained and hold a licence as a massage therapist as going to a therapist that isnt professionally trained may cause your body damage and not be at all beneficial.

It is your right as a client in a salon, spa, wellbeing centre to ask to see the therapists qualifications and licence.  If they refuse - walk out.  Be picky about who you allow to give your a massage as their energy can affect your energy.

Be safe, improve your wellbeing with professional massage

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