Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Us?




Why choose us?

I have a great team all who are dedicated in what they do; each has a different role within my small company.

We all work together as a team and meet all the students and mostly we all meet potential students, as we all chip in with what needs to be done, when it needs to be done.  The phone is ringing, whoever is free will answer.

We don’t stand on ceremony, we don’t balk at the idea of being on reception, doing the laundry (and there is a lot of laundry), putting the dishes in the dishwasher at night.  The only time our jobs become separate is when we do what we each are specialized and qualified in.

Take me for example, I am the owner and principal of the Centre.  I often answer the phone, send emails, answer Facebook messages to get the job done.  It always surprises me when we have students that are horrified they are asked to “clean up” after their days work.  One student even said to me and meant it “we have people at home to do that, we don’t do menial work”.

That stopped me for about 2 seconds and the student who came to learn reflexology was told very firmly but politely, her job is to learn ALL aspects of being a therapist, not just the really great bits dealing with your client and helping them.

Each person that comes into my Centre to learn or to work is treated the same, with respect and everyone, with no exceptions “mucks in and does everything”. 

So back to Why Choose US?

Our approach is 100% professional in everything we do and our professionalism reaches above the standards that are required by the examining authorities and also higher than the regulations in the UK and the UAE.

We pride ourselves in our professional approach in everything we do, even cleaning, but most especially with the standards, the hygiene, the care and the training and professional care and attitude our students are taught.

We pride ourselves in the success rate of our students.  No we don’t get 100% pass rate, first time.  We do get 100% pass rate with every student.  As we support our students 100% and the ones that unfortunately don’t study enough, don’t have enough time due to work or life commitments are the once that may fail the first time with the anatomy, physiology and pathology.  We make sure they take the exams again and pass the second or maybe the third time – but EVERY student passes.




What does that mean for our students?

They walk away with several things

  • Pride in themselves knowing they have been taught professionally
  • Pride in having a UK qualification recognized in more than 38 countries
  • Pride in knowing they can apply for the DHA or equivalent licence – immediately
  • Pride in the knowledge they will get a better job, get an increase in salary
  • Pride they have achieved so much

And they deserve it, as they work really hard to get their qualifications and it shows in the way they practice their treatments and therapies and in the way they conduct themselves.

Read our testimonials on our website home page, just to see how our students, through all the sleepless nights, losing weight, hard studying and hard work really also enjoy being our students.

So Why Choose US?

For all of the above reasons from a student’s perspective, from our faculty staff perspective and from their practice clients – who all sign up willingly to be practiced on by our students.

Would you like to train with us?  Check out our website www.thehealingzoneacademy.net and chose a subject and then email or better yet, just drop by and chat with one of us.

We are located at 1067, Al Wasl Road, Umm Sequeim 2

open Sunday to Thursday 9am to 5pm, Closed Friday open 10am to 2pm Saturdays



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