Food for the Sole… The History of Reflexology

By Anne Cook
on April 12, 2015


People commonly mistake this treatment for just another foot massage that applies that extra bit of pressure your regular massage therapist may lack. You go into the run-of-the-mill Salon/Spa looking for some form of relieve for your feet, and the therapist does just that without telling exactly what you’re in for.

Good news, is that with many experience in this industry, I have a few guidelines to finding the PERFECT food for your sole, and once you have had a taste of what this treatment really is, you will not see it as just another foot massage

Let’s take It back to ancient Egypt. It is no secret that Cleopatra was the queen of all things luxury and has influenced modern day spa treatments with her use of goat’s milk and 24crt gold. But way before her time, a Physician called Ankhmahor, had pictures of foot reflexology in his tomb, dating back to  2400 BC. It was also practiced by the Indians who learn the technique from Buddhist monks who had travelled to China. The Incas, who passed it on to Native Americans, and On and On and ON…

Bringing us to the 20thCentury, Dr William Fitzgerald practiced and form of reflexology where he divided the body into 10 zones for energy flow, these zones ended at the feet and so he believed that using the feet and pressuring in specific zones in the body opening the energy passages to allow a state of balance in the body.

Well, we all know that behind ever successful man, there is a woman. She came along in the 1930’s. Eunice Ingham known as the pioneer of what we know reflexology took everyone all of the history and turned into what we know reflexology to be today.

So, what is reflexology really? You may wonder… In simple terms, this result driven treatment, uses the zones of the body and works on the principle that all the nerves end at the feet and by stimulating the soles of the feet, the therapist will allow energy to flow freely through the zones of the body, promoting a state of balance…

Now if that is not food for your sole… I don’t know what would be.

Feeling tired, need a boost, want to help yourself? This may be an answer

By Anne Cook
on March 23, 2015

Often we over work, work long hours, get stressed and tired and cannot find the energy to pull ourselves out of it.

What can you do?

Go to see the doctor? You could, the advice might be something like, take this medication, you are stressed and overworked, come back in 3 months if you don’t feel any better.

This may or may not be useful. For me, I prefer not to take medication as often the medication makes me feel worse.

What else can you do? Eat more healthily, exercise more often and go to bed earlier to get longer sleep.

These are all good things to do, and I would definitely recommend them.

However the energy can be slow in building up and sometimes, having a boost of energy is needed and often regular boosts of energy are much better.

Paying someone to do this for you, having a reiki session is really great and the benefits lasts at least one week with a good reiki practitioner.

Being able to give yourself reiki, whenever you need it would be a much easier and quicker solution. Have reiki, can give energy and travel – all the time, any time of day and night.

How wonderful to be able to give yourself a boost of energy, in as little as few minutes, as and when you need it.

What are the benefits of being able to give yourself reiki?

  • An energy boost any time
  • Relaxation on tap
  • Relieves pain
  • Brings calmness and feelings of peace
  • Allows the body to relax and heal
  • Comforting and beneficial for health

When you can give yourself, even a few minutes reiki, sitting at the traffic lights, stuck in traffic, sitting in a boring staff meeting, watching TV, reading a book the benefits are profound and long lasting.

How can you become a reiki practitioner?

Call us today on 04 3887552 for details, our beginners class is only one 6 hour day and you could be giving yourself energy boosts when you need it, instantly

click here for further information


Energy healing and grand masters?

By Anne Cook
on December 18, 2014


Energy healing and Grand Masters?

I have been asked recently by several of my students, some of whom have trained with me a long time ago, and have been practicing as reiki master/teachers for many years, about several “new” energy healing systems and training courses that are on the market and being offered here in Dubai.

If you are thinking about taking a reiki or energy healing course my advice is listen. Listen to your intuition. What is it telling you? Not sure?

Many people find it quite a challenge to “listen” or “feel” what their intuition is telling them and end up asking their friends and family, “What shall I do?” “Do you think this sounds like a good course for me?”

Not an easy question to answer.

Another good way to find out is to ask the course leader if people they have already taught could call you and chat with you about their experience on the course. If the course leader is unwilling to do this, this is something to be cautious of.

Ask others who you know have taken similar courses, how was their experience. What did they learn? Do they use what they learnt? This is a great measure of whether the course was really great or just mediocre. If they don’t use it, why not?

Questions about Reiki Grand Masters have recently come up too. Let me tell you a story about Reiki Grand Masters, there is NO such thing.

Being a reiki master is a title only, which shows everyone else, you are experienced enough and trained in being able to pass along attunements. That is all that it means. It does not mean that you are “master” of the universal life force energy!

Being a reiki master is about being humble and willing to help others, being vulnerable enough to be able to admit to not knowing something when your students ask you questions. You are not a guru and all knowing all healing master, you are the same as your students, but with some experience.

An excellent reiki master is someone who is willing to learn and understands that the students that come to them, will teach them with every lesson, every group and they will grow for the learning, just as their students do.

Listen, feel, wait and sit with information. Don’t rush out and join up, just because the person selling it is telling you they are a Grand Master! This is from their ego and most likely they will not be vulnerable, will not be very useful in their teaching as they know better than their students. This is not a good teacher.

Good teachers impart knowledge.

Great teachers help and support and empower their students.

Energy or reiki – what is the difference, so many different healing courses available now, Usui Reiki, Karuna Reiki, Violet Flame Reiki, Grecian Reiki – Theta Healing.

Have you researched into any of these different forms of reiki?

Usui reiki appears to be the original or most used reiki around the globe. Karuna reiki was put together by William Lee Rand as he was given part of the information each by three ladies, who did not know each other. William “formed” Karuna reiki as he was guided to do.

Violet flame reiki – I am not sure where this originates from, but I can say that many of the symbols and practice of violet flame definitely comes from both Usui and Karuna reiki with additional symbols, some of which I am not so sure about the authenticity of them being “energy” healing.

Saying that, everything has energy, so each symbol no matter where it originates from will have some vibrational energy, whether it is used for healing or not is something to speculate.

Grecian Reiki was “made up” by the person who says they are the founder – they definitely are the founder of this form of reiki, but does it work? It did not originate from a place of love and enlightenment; rather it came from a desire to make money. Or so I was told by a very reliable source, who was told this by the founder!

So guys, be aware, there are many types of reiki and energy healing out there, some and I am sad to say actually many are only “made up” for the sole purpose of making money. Do they work, to some degree yes, as I said earlier everything has a vibrational energy, but not all will be from a place of love and enlightenment.

For example Theta Healing – this is being taught all over the planet. Where does it come from? It is a mish mash of energy healing, reiki techniques and shamanic healing and techniques, not an original form of healing, but a mixture of a bit of this and a bit of that – and is it safe?

My answer to you, can only be from my own experience and I can say it is definitely NOT safe.

Students are being given very simple techniques of how to journey into the unknown, with no protection, no guidance other than asking questions of some mystical all knowing all seeing entity, who is this entity? How do you know you are speaking and asking questions of the absolute power of the universe? Are you given any guidance as to be aware of who is answering, who is guiding you? No – how can you be sure it is not a malevolent entity that is really having a great time playing with you?

You have no way of knowing, or to be more precise you are not given any guidance on how to be safe and check.

Before you enlighten on a course, ask questions, seek others experiences and go safe.

Slim Naturally with Healthy Foods

By Anne Cook
on September 15, 2014

Eating three regular meals, breakfast, Lunch and Dinner with a healthy snack mid morning and mid afternoon, will ensure you have the nutrients your body needs, together with the energy you require to feel fit and full of life and loose weight.

Stopping eating isn’t the solution to loosing weight. It is all about the quality, type and quantity of the foods you eat.

Great breakast would be a bowl of organic healthy cornflakes with an organic apple cut up into the same bowl, with a splash of zero fat organic milk.

Health mid morning snack would be a piece of fruit, or a handful of nuts and seeds.

Health lunch would be organic fresh salad, made with cucumber, lettuce lots of different ones, raw capsicum pepper, even brocolli, tomatoes and any other green vegetable, a small grilled piece of salmon, or a tin of tuna, with either a piece of wholemeal bread or even a small baked potato.  For dressing on the salad lemon juice or a sprinkle of organic olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

Health snack a handful of nuts, or a small muffin if you get really hungry mid afternoon.  This time is usually when the munchies kick in, or after dinner. It is a good idea to ensure you are also taking a good quality multi vitamin, preferably without iron and with chromium or an additional chromium supplement.

Dinner – eat lightly, with grilled steak and salad, or a jacket potato with baked beans.

Drinks throughout the day, lots of natural spring water.  NOT mineral water, as it is too dense in minerals and actually makes your body loose the vital minerals you need.

You can also drink herbal teas, even black tea with zero fat milk – or if you are like me and really don’t like zero fat milk, low fat milk is also good, but not too much, 500ml is sufficient and if you can get used to it, 250ml is even better daily.

Remember to eat lots of fresh healthy food that is packed with energy to sustain your energy.  Cooking food reduces the vitamin content and gives you less energy.

If you are allergic or think you have intollerances to food, come for an allergy and intolerance test.

Chronic Disease Sufferers Find Relief Through Reiki

By Anne Cook
on August 24, 2014

Posted in The Conway Daily Sun Newspaper, shows Reiki can help many types of illnesses and improves wellbeing.

In 2009, one on my clients, AH, female, age 26, was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. After one Reiki treatment she found relieve from the pain and numbness she had been feeling in her arms legs and back.

Based on these positive results, I taught her how to treat herself on a daily basis. AH returned to work doing international travel with only occasional pain.

This was a huge change in her life. I believe that it is important to empower people with the methods that will relieve them of chronic pain.

A number of my clients come to me when their doctors confirm that there is nothing they can do other than to treat them for pain. JR, female, age 55, had a torn retina in each eye affecting her ability to work.

Her eye surgeon said there was nothing he could do for her. She had been to a number of specialists. After 20 Reiki sessions focusing on her eyes with me, JR’s surgeon found no sign of a tear.

Relief for Caregivers

Caregivers often are in need of relief from stress and anxiety that comes as they provide for their loved ones.

When my Dad’s health declined due to Parkinson disease, my mother’s emotional and physical well ness also declined due to the stress of caring for him. I take this to heart when working with my clients. For example, I was treating SL, a female, age 32, who was in a wheel chair with cerebral palsy and living with her mother BL, age 54.

We were working together to improve her quality of life. BL assisted her daughter with daily chores. Caring for SL increased her mother’s stress. By teaching BL basic Reiki techniques, the mother lessened her stress and received the emotional healing she needed to continue her role as SL’s caregiver.

Relief for Stress

A number of my clients have felt an immediate relief of stress just from the day to day worries of life. JN, female, age 31, came to me with lower back pain. She was four months pregnant and dealing with a stressful work environment.

It became evident that she was carrying this stress in her lower back which the Reiki was quickly able to relieve.

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