Smell restoring collection Essential oils 9ml

Smell restoring collection Essential oils 9ml

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If you’ve lost your sense of smell for two weeks or more, our Smell Training Collection could help. Smell training (Olfactory training) is actively smelling four essential oils every day for at least four months to try to help repair your sense of smell. Each essential oil’s aroma is distinct, giving your brain a chance to connect with four very different, but recognisable scents. This Exclusive Collection includes:                                                                                       

It is NOT recommended to inhale the essential oils direct from the bottle they come in, the bottle opening is considered too small for this exercise and you may inadvertently touch the dropper to your nose. You will need to purchase or have four small glass jars for the process. Empty and clean spice jars or baby food jars are a perfect size.



  • Line up four separate small glass jars and place absorbent paper, like kitchen paper, blotting paper or even a cotton wool pad, inside.
  • Put 5 drops of each essential oil onto the absorbent paper inside the glass jars.
  • Label each bottle.
  • Keep the lids closed when not used and store them in a cool, dark place.
  • Top-up drops every 5-6 days.


  • Open one jar and hold it close to your nose, closing your eyes.
  • Take 6-8 short sniffs ‘mindfully’. It is important to take short sniffs, and not one big inhale.
  • Focus your mind on the scent to allow the aromas to trigger your sense of smell and any associated memories. It is best to carry out this exercise without any interruptions or distractions to allow your brain to fully focus on the aromas.
  • Take a 30-second break before moving on to the next jar and repeating the above process.
  • Ideally, carry out this process twice a day.

Our sense of smell is part of our nervous system and may take a long time to heal. Be patient each time you do your smell training and do not feel discouraged if results aren’t immediate. Everyone is different and everyone will have different success rates.