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Bach Flower Therapy - Introduction - Online/Distance Course

About this course

This is an introductory course, to Dr Edward Bach's system of 38 remedies.  The course is designed to encourage you to explore the system, to develop your knowledge and skills and inspire you to use the system, for yourself, friends and family.

The course covers five lessons, which are sent to you via email, once your registration is processed and your are ready to start.

You will also need to purchase some books and to work with the remedies, we would recommend you purchase a complete set. You may wish to buy a travel set of 10ml remedies to start with together with 6 treatment bottles. The books and kits can all be purchased at the same time as you enrol.

Download the Twelve Healers free ebook.

The five lessons

1. Understanding Dr Bach's crisis combination, and introduction to the remedies

2. Self-help, learning to use the remedies for yourself, making them part of your every day life, just as Dr Bach wanted them to be used.

3. How the remedies work and Dr Bach's philosophy on health

4. Dr Bach's life, history of the remedies and how Dr Bach discovered them.

5. Helping others, how to use the remedies and the system with your friends, family, children, plants and animals.

At the end of each lesson you are required to email us the answers for review and comments from our Bach Flower educator.

Each lesson has exercises and additional reading that is recommended to help you understand the concept and system better.

We hope at the end of the course you will be inspired to continue your learning into the Bach Flower system with level 2, if that is your desire and maybe also level 3 to become a Bach Flower Practitioner.

You will need:

Once we have received payment and you are ready to start this course, you will also receive The Twelve Healers and other remedies as a free ebook, written originally by Dr Edward Bach and a CD Getting to Know the Bach Flower Remedies, which is to help you learn easily.  Often student play this while driving or cooking the families dinner to help learn the remedies.

For more information on this or any of our courses, or to book please contact us via or simply give us a call on: 

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We also ask that all participants please complete our Enrollment Form and either email it back to us or bring it with you when you attend your course. Click here to access the form.