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Anatomy  -  the study of the structure of the human body

Physiology -  the study of the functions of the human body

Pathology -  the study of the disease and how damage affects the body

This anatomy, physiology and pathology course is the foundation of all therapy training and a prerequisite for all CIBTAC, ITEC and CIDESCO trainings.

This qualification provides the Candidate with all of the necessary foundation underpinning knowledge required of Anatomy and Physiology in relation to Complementary, Sports and Beauty therapies.

It also provides greater understanding and awareness of the symptoms, causes and restrictions of less common pathologies, diseases and disorders - ensuring the Therapist understands when not to treat.

The course consists of classroom attendance, lectures, home study and an assignment. Minimum attendance hours, completed assignment and completion of a mock exam to qualify for entry into the exam.

External examiners come from the UK, appointed by CIBTAC.  The exam is multiple choice written exam attendance is mandatory to obtain the qualification certificate.  Qualification gives 125 hours in Anatomy and Physiology, 40 hours in Pathology and 25 hours in ethics.

Exams are scheduled for November and May each year


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