Anatomy & Physiology and Pathology Diploma

Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology Diploma
Anatomy Physiology and Pathology Diploma

What is this program

Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology diploma is required for all our students to learn the best practice foundation for all therapists in the beauty and complementary therapy industry.    This anatomy, physiology and pathology consists of lessons, on each of the systems and some common pathologies, that you might come across as a therapist. We also look at common diseases, symptoms, possible solutions and if the pathology is hereditary, genetic or from accidents. 

How each lesson is structured

At the end of each lesson is a short piece of homework that must submit by email for marking.  The quiz concerns the anatomy, physiology and pathology of each lesson. We then email the following lesson.  Each lesson has homework that must be completed, before continuing with the following lesson. 

When you have completed the training

A portfolio of case studies and assignments is required to obtain the certificate or diploma in anatomy, physiology and pathology. Each system requires you to research and write about two uncommon pathologies in your own words.  Details of the assignment are given with your first lesson.  It is advisable to do the assignment for each system as you go through the course, this way you will be up to date on all systems and wont have to be rushed to submit the assignment at the end.


All exams for Anatomy Physiology and Pathology are taken in The Healing Zone Training Centre, or with a prearranged invigilator that CIBTAC or ITEC has authorised.

The lessons for Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology 

1. The Cell, 2. The Skeletal System, 3. The Muscular system, 4. The Lymphatic System,  5. The Endocrine System, 6. The Respiratory System, 7. Skin, hair and nails, 8. The Cardiovascular System, 9. The Digestive System, 10. The Nervous System, 11. The Urinary System, 12. Revision and overview of all system

Anatomy Physiology and Pathology course you will require the following equipment.

  • registration of the course
  • Enroll and pay for the course
  • A computer
  • Passion
  • Time to study

When studying anatomy, physiology and pathology taking on a self-study course, it is advisable to have a dedicated space and time to study.  If you have family let them know, this is your time to study, and a little understanding and time alone to do it.  Pathology can be challenging as it is about disease and dysfunction.  In contrast, Physiology is interesting about how the body works.

For further details do not hesitate to contact us.