Anatomy & Physiology - Online/Distance Course - ITEC

Anatomy and Physiology on line distance course, is the foundation for all therapies and a must have for all therapists.

This course consists of 12 lessons, on each of the systems, is filled with information about anatomy and physiology.  If you are interested in learning about the body only, this is the right course for you.

At the end of each lesson is a short piece of homework that is required for you to submit, by email for marking.  We then email you the following lesson.

after completing the course, you then have the option to take an online exam, this will require an invigilator or you can come into The Healing Zone Academy and sit the exam.  Once you pass the exam you will receive an ITEC diploma for 50 hours training in Anatomy and Physiology.

Exam needs to be done in an authorised ITEC academy, such as The Healing Zone Academy in Dubai - this course does not include the exam fee.

The lessons are as follows:-

1. The Cell

2. The Skeletal System

3. The Muscular system

4. The Lymphatic System

5. The Endocrine System

6. The Respiratory System

7. Skin, hair and nails

8. The Cardiovascular System

9. The Digestive System

10. The Nervous System

11. The Urinary System

12. Revision and overview of all system

For this course you will require the following

  • registration of the course
  • Book - an introductory guide to Anatomy and Physiology by Louise Tucker
  • A computer
  • Passion

when taking on a home study course, it is advisable to have a dedicated space set out and a dedicated time to study.  If you have family let them know, this is your time to study and you require a little understanding and time alone to do it.

if you have any questions, please fee free to contact us at any time, before, during and after the course.

wishing you well in your studies


04 3887552

We also ask that all participants please complete our Enrollment Form and either email it back to us or bring it with you when you attend your course. Click here to access the form.

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