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Assessment and Grades Policy

Assessment Policy

The Healing Zone Training Centre uses three main forms of assessment each with its own purpose:

Day-to-day formative assessment used by educators to evaluate learner’s knowledge and understanding on a daily basis and to tailor teaching accordingly.

  • In class, discussions on a subject or part of a subject
  • Questions to recap on subjects and modules taught
  • Quizzes and or written tests
  • Assignments
  • Case studies
  • Homework

Formative assessments are designed to understand the learning and knowledge of each learner and to highlight what possible gaps in their learning, they need to focus on, study more and or discuss with their educator about.

Formative assessments also provide for the educators to a level of understanding that has been achieved and to provide insightful feed back to the learner.  To also support the learner better in the program and to guide in a more detailed manner, where additional focus and learning is required.

Summative assessments are with the following

  • Assignments – criteria to meet is given by the awarding body, and the learner is required to research the topic and write their own assignment in a professional manner. This submitted in their learners portfolio.
  • Portfolio submission – the first step of the final exam
    • Portfolio submission dates are to be adhered to as there are no late submissions accepted
    • Any work in the portfolio that does not meet the pass mark of 60% and requires additional work by the learner will be handed back. A re-submission date will be given, and no late submissions are accepted.

Should the work still not achieve the pass mark of 60% the learner will not be allowed to sit their final exams and will be asked to resubmit at the next schedule exam date

  • Theory and practical exams are conducted by an external examiner only appointed by the awarding body.

Grades and marks are given by the awarding body and certificates issued by them also.