Professional Holistic therapy and Beauty Training Programs

Attendance Policy

Attendance policy 

Students are required to attend class a minimum of eighty percent (80%) of the total program hours. 

A student will be terminated if he/she is absent for more than twenty percent (20%) of the total program hours or for failure to return from an approved leave of absence. If a student is terminated for violation of the attendance policy, the student may not reenter until the beginning of a new term.


Deferrals, withdrawals and termination

Students who wish to withdraw from school should complete a withdrawal form and give supporting documents for illness, pregnancy, or family emergency.

The Healing Zone Training Centre will terminate a student’s enrollment for failure to meet probation standards, attendance standards, excessive absenteeism, or disruptive behavior.


Any student who has been dropped for disruptive behavior will not be re-admitted to school.  Any student who has been dropped for unsatisfactory progress may be re-admitted to school after one grading period.  Any student who withdraws for reasons other than disruptive behavior or unsatisfactory progress will be re-admitted after evaluation by the principal.

Sickness and leave of absence

Two approved leaves of absence are available for each student, for special circumstances, during a long-term program that is 500 or more contact hours.  A written request must be submitted by the student to principal explaining the reason for the requested leave of absence.  The principal will schedule a meeting with the student to discuss and/or approve the leave request.  If a student fails to return from a leave of absence at the scheduled time, the student will be terminated.  Students enrolled in short-term programs are not eligible for leave of absences.