Bowen Therapy

Bowen therapy also known as remedial therapy, and sometimes also related to physical homeopathy as it works on all levels, not just the physical.

Gentle, pressure and rolling movements over muscles and specific points on the body, helps the body "understand" all is not correct and "triggers" the bodies own healing.

Your body does the healing - and it continues for 7 to 10 days after one session

Not easy to understand, which is ok - I know it works, I have seen for myself, with experiencing the treatment

I have seen some remarkable healings almost instant and some taking a long time.  The time of healing and the time it takes, I have come to realise is down to the length of time the person has been "suffering" or "putting up with" the discomfort and pain.

"After 35 years of suffering with sciatica and doctors telling me they can no longer increase my pain medication and the only hope left was to surgically severe the nerves in my legs, so that I didn't feel the pain - this was scary.  I came across this little shop, called The Healing Zone - stuck my head inside and asked "hey girls, can you help me with my leg and back pain?"  the answer was, " we can try, but cannot guarantee" - what did I have to lose, absolutely nothing.
After a very gentle 45 minutes - I honestly thought "oh well, it was pleasant, but I don't think it will help"
How wrong I was - the next day I felt less pain and the next, even less pain.  After the 4th treatment, I had reduced my pain killers and for the first time in 30 years, I could walk up and down stairs normally, instead of one foot at a time.  This was a miracle and till today, I use Bowen therapy and am so happy, I stuck my head inside that little shop.  Thank you Anne for saving my legs - Tom, Dubai - now living in Wales.
This is only one short story of how Bowen therapy can help - I have seen many incidences with frozen shoulder, neck injuries, back and leg pain - all improved very simply, effectively and not only does Bowen therapy work, it lasts
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