Business Audit


Is your business awesome - increasing your bank balance every day?

You created your business, with a specific reason for existing in mind

Every business has an idea, and is created for a reason, your reason for existing

The business you created also needs to be successful, meeting your desires

The business you created also needs to meet basic operating and financial goals, to be successful and to sustain and grow

The business you created will be able to achieve all of this, and so much more with a business audit.

What we do

We take a look at your business, from the inside out.  How you have set up your operations, how the world outside views you and your business, the services and products you offer.

We look at your team, each individual member of your team and how everyone works together

We look at your products and services, which are bringing in your most revenue, your signature services and products and identify which aspects of your business are successful, may need additional energy and those that you might be better letting go.

Getting you into a place where your business can be the best that it can be

What else can we do, for you

If you own a salon or spa or similar service company, we can offer you a mystery shopper.

what does a mystery shopper do?  They book an appointment, experience your service, and afterwards give you a detailed report from the time they first picked up the phone to the time they left your premises after their check out - from Telephone to Taxi, so to speak.

How will this help you?

This will give you a detailed report to work with, as we don't just give you the report and say thank you.  We offer you solutions to make your business, the dream you always desired.

Often working in your own business, you get stuck, you cannot see what is going on as you are too busy with the day to day running of everything.  You may not be working in your business, but have a team of people that are not working to achieve your dream.  Your manager may have become bored or no taking care of the rest of team.  Your staff may be on their mobile phone, playing games, chatting with family and friends on facebook and even Skype - using your internet for their own personal use, during the time they are working and you are paying them to do this.

Only the other day I walked into a hairdressers, which is quite close to where I live, I wanted to find a new hairdressers as my fabulous regular hairdresser was on holiday. 

The reception of this hairdressers was very nice, clean, neat and tidy and nicely decorated.  I thought this might be a nice place to come.

The receptionist was on her mobile phone, and didn't put it down till I was at the desk.  She stood up and said good morning, how can I help you - great I thought, maybe it wasn't a private call she was making.  I explained I was looking for a new hairdresser and could I look around and meet the stylists.  Yes she said, please go through there - pointed to the larger room that was next to the reception.  I thought she would follow me.  No alas, she sat down and continued to use her mobile phone.

I walked through to the larger room, which was empty, or so I thought, then I notice two girls in the corner with their shoes off, their feet on the couch they were both sitting on and both on their mobile phones.

When I said "hello are you the stylists?"  they both said yes, but didn't get up, didn't say hello, didn't even move and continued to click away on their mobile phones.

There were surprisingly no customers.  Needless to say I didn't go back and didn't book an appointment.

Is this maybe how your staff are when you are not around?  I can hear some of my clients saying "no, I trust my staff, I trust them to be good at their work and great clients, answer the phone".

Unfortunately with a mystery shopper's report this has been shown to many company owners, that what is the old saying

"When the cats away, the mice will play"


I really wish this wasn't the case, some business are worse than others.  If you care about your business, are wondering why you are not making the profits that you know are possible, call us today.  We can help you make your dreams come true, with a little report, and some rethinking, maybe even retraining - we can do this together.

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