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Most businesses have been impacted by the present climate and many have now had to look at changing their business concept, changing and implementing new ideas, to stay in business.

What did I do, I sat down and worked out what I needed to do to keep us afloat and eventually how to stay active and with some revenue.  This has taken some hard thinking and really hard work with my absolutely awesome team that took on board, with a little trepidation at first.  Now we have almost reinvented The Healing Zone Training Centre and supported our students in exceptional ways.

 You too can do this, with any business, there is always a way of evolving.

Coaching is all about helping you, the client, to see the wood and the trees.

Supporting you in your vision with your business, especially in times when things are not going the way you would really like them to be going.

We are here to Help you to achieve the best that you can, to make your business exceptional and sustainable.

Helping you achieve everything and more than you could and have possibly dreamed

What is business coaching?

We are not consultants, so we more than likely have no experience about your particular type of business.  This is not important.  We are not here to help you sort out the "workings" of your type of business.  We are here to guide you, to find the right way for your business.

This could be looking at your management team - are they working together as a team?

If not, what or who is stopping them working together as a team?  As a business owner, you may know your managers and how they work, you might even know who will work together well and find yourself, making sure that those managers or manager that upsets the apple cart is kept away from the rest of the team.

You might find that you have one manager that has a tendency to dictate and another that is Mr Yes Man.  We will help you find the "right" team, sorting out those that disrupt, or just muddle along.  Helping you see the way forward and your team see the right way forward.

Having a functional, co-operative, interactive team will create a dynamic business for you, realise your dream again.

As often happens in businesses, people get promoted because they are the only choice - this may not be right for the good of the whole.  Let us work with you to create a dynamic, vibrant and innovative team and business, call today




We would initially recommend that you have a business plan and to also help and support you in this, we have created a short course to help you create just that, with included two business coaching sessions. 

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