Diet, Nutrition, Health and Well being Course - CIBTAC


Aim of course

To enable candidates to achieve knowledge and understanding of healthy balanced Diets and the theory of Nutrition. To achieve a national qualification, approved by BABTAC.
To enable a candidate to use diet and nutrition information to assist in consultations and treatment plans for a range of beauty and complementary therapies.
(N.B. This qualification does not entitle the holder to construct dietary plans or advise on supplements to a diet) 

entry level

A recognised Body, Beauty or Complementary Therapy qualification to national standards level 3. CIBTAC or equivalent or

An Anatomy and Physiology qualification, CIBTAC or equivalent or

A medical professional qualification i.e. Oncology Nurse, Health Visitor, Physiotherapist or Midwife

units/subjects to be studied

All units are mandatory and examinable.
Assessment methodology used is MCQ theory examinations and practical examinations.

generic areas of study

G 2 Health and Hygiene

other subjects

Digestive system
Nutrients   -     Carbohydrates
Nutritional terms
Common Anti-Nutrients / Toxins -   Effects of Pollution
Current trends and concepts in nutrition -
      Care of food
      Refined and Unrefined foods
Common health disorders associated with food and diet -
      Raised levels of Cholesterol
      Anorexia and Bulimia

minimum training requirement

50 hours.  This must include 33 hours contact (50% of which must be spent working within a commercial salon environment) and 17 hours of additional study.

This course is designed on a flexible time basis, enabling many part-time students to qualify who would not be able to attend college on a full time basis.


The dates will be issued annually by the Examining Board.

THEORY  45mins (multiple choice paper)


diet and nutrition diploma learning objectives

The learner will be able to:

Understand how the digestive system works.

Name and give the structure and function of the main nutrients and micro-nutrients needed by the body for health.

Explain a variety of nutritional terms

Understand how the quality of food, eating habits and activity patterns have changed in recent years.

Recognise a variety of health disorders that may be caused by food or dietary habits.


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