Diploma in Reflexology - CIBTAC



    Reflexology is a natural relaxing therapy to improve, increase and enhance health
    Reflexology can be used on anyone and is not restricted to age, as it can be used on mothers to be, new babies and even oldies.
    Why would you choose to have reflexology?  
    Reflexology stimulates and triggers all the systems of the body to work and function optimally. It has been known to be very beneficial in supporting health in many cases, including, but not limited to
    • Digestion

    • Stress

    • Sleep disorders

    • IBS

    • Headaches

    • Infertility

    • Hormone imbalance

    • And general wellbeing and much more ………

    The therapy is most often done on the feet, with the client relaxing and either lying down on a massage bed or in a relaxing chair with feet and legs on a special reflexology stool for the therapist to work.
    The hands and ears can also be used and very often the therapist will suggest to his or her client a few gentle reflexology movements to be done at home, to continue the healing process, between therapies.
    Reflexology is a great therapy to learn and can be used on family, friends and if you decide to continue with a professional qualification, with paying clients.
    We at the Healing Zone academy are offering by special request a CIBTAC QCF reflexology training program which is being held on 4 mornings a week, starting on Sunday 6th December and finishing end of March with the exams.  We will be closed for the Christmas week, so no fears about missing out on any classes.
    Special discount is available for anyone registering and paying the full fee alternatively the course can be paid over 4 months, to help spread the cost.

    Click here to make an enquiry about this course

    For more information on this or any of our courses, or to book please contact us via info@thehealingzone.net or simply give us a call on: 

    04 3887552

    We also ask that all participants please complete our Enrollment Form and either email it back to us or bring it with you when you attend your course. Click here to access the form.

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