Professional Holistic therapy and Beauty Training Programs

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Fees Policy

Fees Policy 

  1. Tuition Fees

1.1. Students are liable to ensure payment of all tuition fees for the program or selected training pathway and qualifications.

The fees for programs are set out in the healing zone training Centre official quotation to each potential student, before enrolment.

Fees are standard and quotation are tailored to the individual students experience and prior learning and prior achieved qualifications.

.1.2. At enrolment stage, students confirm their intention to study and provide details including agreement to pay the fee for the modules, credit or program undertaken.

 Students are expected to enroll at the earliest opportunity and within 28 days of the first day of the term in which the program/module commences at the latest.

1.3. All fees, refunds and credit notes are quoted and will be calculated in AED

Any international exchange rate calculation will follow established procedures in Finance.  

1.4. Where a student contests the tuition fee they are liable for the Academic Registrar (or their nominee) will determine the appropriate fee to be paid. Documentary evidence for any mitigating circumstances may be required. Students have a right of appeal via the Student Complaints Policy.

2.1. Students may be required to pay additional fees for ancillary products or services such as library use, books and kits. 

2.3. The Healing Zone Training Centre reserves the right to set appropriate tuition fees for its programs and modules. Any substantial changes to fees will normally come into effect for students starting a program. Where fees are changed for programs or modules, students continuing on a program of study will not be subject to the new fee, except where there are inflationary increases as outlined in

  1. Withdrawal by the student from a training pathway, fees are non refundable, subject to unsuitability by a doctor for the student to continue, and will be addressed on a case by case situation with supporting documents.