Anne Cook - Principal and Owner

After several years of being diagnosed with an untreatable autoimmune disease and feeling very unwell, following the “doctors” orders and getting worse, I took it upon myself to find my own health!

It was only a few weeks of no medication, change in food, outlook and attitude, together with holistic therapies I not only regained my health, but I also found a new passion in my life.
I thought: “If I can do this, I can show other people how they too can regain their health, with the right support, education and knowledge.”
So the Healing Centre was born in Dubai September 1999 – the first of its kind in the Middle East, and now The Healing Zone Training Center.
I have trained in alternative and complementary therapies for many years and still continue my education and now educating others in this field, changing the world with each student.  We now have a wide range of qualifications from the UK with CIBTAC, from Switzerland with CIDESCO and workshops offering BABTAC or The Healing Zone Training Centre certificates of attendance.
At the Healing Zone Training Centre, we offer UK CIBTAC and Swiss CIDESCO Qualifications, Bespoke Trainings, Short Courses, CPD and Workshops in many therapies, treatments and subjects.
Our graduates for massage and beauty diplomas have the honour of being exempt from internship and can immediately apply for their DHA licence.
We pride ourselves on the standards we set and the professional training we offer.  Many graduates have accomplished great changes in their lives, through our training programs.
Take you career to the next level and join one of our programs or email or call our professional team.  Our aim is to provide professional education
We offer an open door policy and respectfully request communications to be during normal working hours.


Omar Saif Al Shamsi

Omar has a wealth of Knowledge and Experience in Business, including Marketing, Sales, Finances and Management.  Omar is a UAE National, who graduated from Middlesex University in Dubai, UAE

Our faculty team consists of highly qualified and experienced educators, covering all subjects we offer and more.

Leanne Botha Senior Educator

Senior Educator

Leanne Botha

Leanne our Senior Educator is from South Africa, has spent many years in Dubai and the Middle East.  Leanne has a wealth of experience and knowledge, is passionate about her students and supports them in all of the students learning.


Passaporn Burger Educator


Passaporn Burger

Passaporn who we know as Boom, is from Thailand and also German brings a passion for teaching and learning, cares deeply about her students learning journey.  Boom is qualified in Massage, Sports Massage and Beauty, and many additional therapies and holds a DHA licence in Beauty and Massage.  Boom has spent many years in Dubai, UAE


Babynett Lepain

Student Liason and Administrator

Babynet Lepain

Babynett who we know as Nett is our Student Liaison and Administrator.  Nett has many years in admin, sales and customer care.  Nett has been in the UAE for many years and comes from the Philippines.