Recognition of Prior Learning Policy

Approved Prior Learning Policy and Procedures

Welcome to The Healing Zone Training Centre, the leading Beauty and Holistic Therapy Training Centre in United Arab Emirates

We offer qualifications that are globally recognized and bench marked, with educational excellence rooted in names qualifications that sit on a regional qualification frame work and regulated by Ofqal. 

Our policies are designed to support learners to meet the criteria of the qualifications offered in The Healing Zone Training Centre.

Approved Prior learning can only be accepted if the following criteria is met:-

  • Same level of qualification, i.e. level 3 etc
  • An internationally recognized qualification
  • A copy of the qualification is given
  • A copy of the transcript and subjects including hours of training taken and achieved in the qualification.

We will then map across the qualification criteria with the learner’s qualification to ascertain what if anything has been covered and what is missed.

A training pathway will then be agreed with the awarding body and discussed with the learner.

All exams and assignments and case studies will most likely be required to be completed by the learner, regardless of the approved prior learning.

Approved prior learning will only be accredited for lessons and classes, once verified.

If the qualification has been more than 10 years, then the learner will be asked to repeat the whole program, and no approved prior learning will be given.

If the learner has not practiced as a therapist since qualifying, no approved prior learning will be given, regardless of the time since they qualified.