Student Academy Handbook







  1. Directors welcome
  2. Student agreement – to be signed and handed in to your lecturer
  3. Academy rules and regulations
  4. CIBTAC Candidate handbook
  5. Truth about revision
  6. Fire Regulations


Dear Student,

Congratulations on choosing the Healing Zone Academy, Dubai as your training provider.  I am delighted that you will be studying with us and wish you every success in the coming months and years.

The Healing Zone Academy is proud to be a training provider accredited by CIBTAC (Cosmetic international Beauty Therapy A C) and ITEC (International Therapy Education Council) in Dubai, UAE.  We are also proud to have all of our courses and training programs accredited by KHDA (Knowledge H D Authority) in Dubai, UAE.

We have worked very closely with CIBTAC to ensure that the main diplomas offered to you are accepted and meet all the requirements in Dubai from the Dubai Health Authority and Ministry of Health to enable you, once qualified to apply for the legal licence to practice in the UAE.

I understand that you will be working very hard and hope that you will also enjoy learning in our academy and will make new friends whom you will also learn from.

I wish you all the best in your studies and if you need to at any time discuss your progress, please feel free to talk to me at any time.

We all have an open door policy at all times. Wishing you a happy and successful time with us.


Anne Cook



Student learning agreement


We ask you to read and accept this agreement before you enrol on one of our courses.


It is an important document that makes sure there are no misunderstandings between us. 




  • our responsibilities as course providers
  • your responsibilities as a student


Once you have ticked the box and submitted the form, the agreement below is legally binding on you, and on us.



Section 1: Our responsibilities


We will:


  1. Establish a learning outcome with you for your course.   
  2. Provide you with suitable materials, sufficient for your course, when you ask for them. It is your responsibility to request modules. We will also provide handouts for each class, as part of your course fee.


  1. Our course fees do not include registration fees or exam fees. Additional fees for exams, registration and text books will be quoted at the time of enrolment.  Payment will be required before the course commences.  If you are paying in installments, the first payment is required to be in cash and the following payments to be made, at the time of enrolment in post-dated cheques.  You will not be allowed to attend classes without the full payment being made.
  2. Ensure that course materials conform to the most recent syllabus.


  1. Inform you when, and how, to enter exams (if you are doing a course that includes exams).  
  2. Encourage you during your studies.  
  3. Provide you with access to appropriate expertise to support you during your course.  
  4. Update your learning materials as and when they require it, by sending you replacement teaching modules  
  5. Return marked work to you within seven working days (if you are doing a course where we mark assignments for you).  
  6. Provide constructive and individual feedback on your progress (if you are doing a course where we mark assignments for you).  
  7. Deal with any difficulties promptly and fairly.  
  8. Operate an equal opportunities and open door policy.  
  9. Remove you from the course, and archive your records, if you do not communicate with us for 12 months without prior arrangement; or if you ask to withdraw from the course. The re-joining fee is Dh250, and any outstanding course fees must also be brought up to date. If the course has substantially changed during your period of absence, we will require you to re-start it and may charge you a course fee of up to 75% of the latest course price.  
  10. Allow you to transfer to another more suitable course, at your request, and after discussion with us. A transfer fee may be charged. This will be in proportion to the amount of the original course you have completed.  
  11. Remind you if you have fallen behind with any course fee instalments and only lapse your tuition if you have failed to respond to two warning emails. We will then give you written notice that we have lapsed your tuition and will archive your records. You may rejoin the course at any time if your course fees are brought up to date and on payment of an administration fee of 5% of the full course fee.  
  12. We will not mark work, offer tutorial advice or provide new modules if your course fee instalments are not paid up to date.  
  13. Not be held responsible, or liable, for problems or financial losses that are caused by agents or circumstances outside our control - for example, exam boards, overseas agencies, web hosts, PayPal, Western Union.  
  14. Remove you from the course if, in our opinion, your behavior towards us, or any member of our staff, is abusive or unreasonable; or if you indulge in plagiarism by submitting work for marking that is not your own. We have a zero tolerance policy on plagiarism. Refunds will not be made in such circumstances.  


Section 2: Your responsibilities


You agree to:


  1. Read the relevant course information pages on our website or that has been handed to you or emailed to you, to establish that the course is appropriate for you. You may email us or telephone us if you wish to discuss your options.


  1. Read the Introduction file thoroughly at the start of the course so that you are fully aware how the course works.  
  2. Proceed with the course in the way prescribed in the Introduction file. We may not be able to support you fully, or at all, if you decide to proceed with the course in a different way. This especially applies to courses leading to exams.  
  3. Course fees are to be paid in full, before the start date of the course you are registered on, including all exam and registration fees to CIBTAC, otherwise entrance into classes will be restricted.


If paying by cheques, any cheques that are dishonored, will incur a return cheques fee of Dh500 and any remaining course fees will be required to be paid immediately in cash, for you to be able to continue with your training.


Once enrolled, you are committing to the full payment for the course you have enrolled on, this includes the CIBTAC registration fees and exam fees, along with the course training fees.  

  1. Undertake sufficient private study to maintain progress on your course. This will involve doing your own research to supplement our teaching materials.  
  2. Submit work which is your own original work, clearly presented and is a true reflection of your knowledge and abilities. Students who commit plagiarism by submitting work that is not theirs will be removed from their course immediately, without refund of fees. We have a zero tolerance policy on plagiarism.  
  3. Submit work in the format, and by the method, explained in the Introduction file.  
  4. Ensure that your IT and software equipment works efficiently so that you can participate in the course. All our course files are created in standard Microsoft software and can all be opened, and / or played. We cannot accept responsibility if your IT system does not open them, or play them. If files will not open or play, this is because of problems at your end: incompatible software, broken file associations or firewalls and other programmes etc. that are blocking access. We cannot provide IT support for these issues, though we will advise when we can.  
  5. Keep in contact with your tutor by email only, without making unnecessary demands upon his or her time. We only provide tutorial support for our course materials and directly related issues. While our tutors will try to help with other queries, this is entirely at their discretion.  
  6. Treat our staff and tutors with courtesy and respect. We have a zero tolerance policy on rudeness and will exclude you from the course if it occurs.


  1. Email your tutor to ask for help if you are stuck or ask for an appointment to discuss things.  
  2. Take reasonable precautions against computer viruses if communicating with us online.  
  3. Register with any external awarding body if we ask you to do so.  
  4. Notify us in advance if you wish to take a break from your course in writing with your signature, and tell us for how long (please note: we do not chase students who take a break from their studies without notifying us).  
  5. Notify us if you are going to lapse from the course for any reason (please note: we do not chase students who discontinue the course). By failing to communicate with us for 12 months, you are effectively removing yourself from the course for which you have enrolled, and are exonerating us completely from all of the responsibilities we had to you, above, under the Student Learning Agreement. You may rejoin the course, but a fee of up to 100% of the original course fee will be charged.


  1. Treat other students with respect and courtesy. Everyone learns differently so please respect some students may ask more questions than others. We practice a zero tolerance on negative and discourteous behavior towards fellow students and staff of all levels.


  1. Attend classes on time and every class. In cases of illness or accident and you are unable to attend classes, you must notify the tutor as soon as possible and bring a doctors certificate sick note, stating why you were unable to attend. Classes start at specific times, to be on time you must arrive at school at least 10 minutes early to be ready for the class to start on time.


  1. Lateness is not tolerated. If you arrive after the class has started, it is at the discretion of the tutor if they allow to you join the class or not, before the break time.  Consistent lateness or absenteeism will result in written warnings and you may be removed from the course or not allowed to sit the exam.  80% attendance is required to be entered into the exam.


  1. It is your responsibility to learn the information and instructions that you have missed, if and when you are unable to attend class. The tutor does not have the time and cannot delay the rest of the students.


  1. Mobile phones are not to be used in the class time, this includes for messaging, whatsapp, internet as well as voice calls. Please use in your own time.





…………………………………………………………………….          ………………………

Name                                         Signature                          Date



I have read the student handbook and understand the rules and regulations of The Healing Zone Training Centre and my responsibilities as a student.  

I agree to abide by these rules and regulations in the student hand book from CIBTAC and also the student agreement from The Healing Zone Training Centre



Tutor signature

Academy regulations


Class timings, punctuality and attendance

Our lecturers have put in considerable time and effort into arranging your classes, subject matter and content to ensure that you learn effectively.  As a sign of respect for the lecturer’s hard work and their achievements we expect you the student, to arrive no later than 5 minutes before the scheduled class time, so that everyone is ready to start punctually on time.

If you are later than 10 minutes to the class, you will not be allowed entry, until the class take a break, this will be at the discretion of the lecturer.

If for whatever reason you cannot make a class, please inform your lecturer as soon as possible, preferably the day before by email and by phone.

If you are ill and require time away from studies, please provide a notice of absence letter from a medical professional, for required number of days.

Emergency/bereavement leave needs to be informed in writing either by email or written letter.

Missing classes for reasons other than illness or emergency/bereavement leave may result in loss of marks towards your work and/or exam marks.

A minimum attendance of 85% is required in all classes to enable you entry to the exams, (two days only absent, with justification, i.e. doctors note)


Breaks break rooms and kitchen areas

While other classes are in session or exams, you are requested to keep noise levels low, so as not to disturb anyone.

Break room, toilets and kitchen space please respect your fellow students and lecturers and keep them clean and tidy.

Tea, coffee, drinks and snacks

Tea, coffee and water will be available for students and lecturers, and you are allowed to bring your own drinks and snacks. Payment for tea and coffee can be made to our administrator, prices in the kitchen. Alcohol and pork items are not allowed at any time.


With many students bathrooms will be used frequently, please keep them clean and tidy at all times.  If you notice something has run out such as soap, towels or toilet paper, please inform a member of staff as soon as possible, to ensure these items are replaced quickly.

Toilet seats are for sitting on NOT standing on, please put the lid down at all times.

Ladies tampons and sanitary wear, please do NOT flush down the toilet, but place in the bin provided, once it has been wrapped in toilet paper.

Gentlemen please aim into the water in the toilet bowel, if you miss please clean up BEFORE you leave the bathroom.



First aid and first aid box

All members of staff are all trained in first aid, in an emergency please speak to the nearest member of staff and if necessary call 999 in case of police or ambulance being required.


First aid box

There is a first aid box in each classroom, with a list of contents inside the lid of the box.  If you use anything, please complete the accident report book and bring this to the attention of your lecturer so that new supplies can be placed in the box.

Should there be missing items that you require please speak to a member of staff.


Fire and use of fire extinguishers

In case of fire, please exit from the main entrance of the building quickly and quietly and meet in the car park outside of Gold & Diamond Park, behind building no 3, away from the building to be accounted for.  Please do NOT leave until you have been accounted for.  Do NOT use the lift, use the stairs.

In case you cannot exit by the main entrance, please use the exit doors nearest to you and take the safest route out of the building grounds.  If there is no safe route, stay near the swimming pool area.

Use of fire extinguishers

A demonstration on how to use the fire extinguishers will be given at the beginning of each semester, please ensure you attend otherwise ensure you familiarise yourself with the instructions on each fire extinguisher.



Smoking is not permitted in the building or in the corridors. Please go outside where you will see cigarette ashtrays outside.



…………………………………………………………………….          ………………………

Name:                                                                                          Date






I have read the student handbook and understand the rules and regulations of The Healing Zone Training Centre and my responsibilities as a student.  

I agree to abide by these rules and regulations in the student hand book from CIBTAC and also the student agreement from The Healing Zone Training Centre




Tutor signature


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