Student Support Policy

Student support policy

The Healing Zone Training Centre operates an open-door policy for students to be able to discuss with faculty their training and progress and any other issues they need to discuss.

Our aim is to support students in their learning to help them achieve great results. 

Each department and educator have a responsibility to provide student support in all areas of their time within the area of learning, from registration to graduation.

A faculty member and administrative staff could find themselves supporting students with registration, module choice, fees, examinations, induction, mentoring, special circumstances and complaints. They may also find that their responsibilities include maintaining student progression records, student employ ability, timetabling, and support writing their CVS.

Our aim of the support for students is to ensure

  • Learning and understanding of the program and subjects
  • Support and guidance with homework and assignments
  • Encourage the student to be confident and to be able to achieve good grades
  • Be confident in their discussions and communication
  • To be able to write their own work with confidence
  • To be professional in their approach to life
  • To be confident in their abilities to find a great job once they graduate

The aim of the student support to encourage the learner to be confident and professional to step out into the workforce and achieve step along in their professional career choice.

The support starts from the learners initial interview and assessment as a learners special considerations assessment will be part of the interview process and may highlight learning challenges, which will be discussed with the learner and appropriate action put into place to ensure understanding and agreement.