Team Coaching

Do you own your own company?

Do the people you employ, work towards a common goal, achieving and improving your company?


do the people you employ, all work in their own departments, doing their own thing?  Individually working towards helping the company, in their own individual way or being successful?

This is the way that so many companies work and operate.  Everyone having their own goals, their own jobs and each one "believing" they are contributing.

I am not saying they are not contributing - however research has shown when a company works together as a "TEAM", that is the people in the company working together for the common good of the company - then companies achieve so much more.

As a company owner, or a manager or a director you may have the impression that your staff do work together as a team.  So, I ask you this question

What is the most important aspect that your company needs to be successful?

whatever the answer is, as it is different for all types of businesses - is EVERYONE on your team, working towards that ONE aspect that your company NEEDS to be a success.

Not sure what I mean?  Let me give you an example.

A beauty salon - its most important aspect is to have paying clients that are happy and become loyal to the company.

For this to be achieved, the receptionist, therapists, manager and attendants ALL need to know that is the most important thing the company needs.  Well, you may think this is a logical answer and wonder why wouldn't everyone work towards this common goal. 

Receptionist - Interestingly enough the receptionist wasn't interest, often forgot to phone the clients the day before, wasn't happy and was often grumpy on the phone or spoke her own language to her colleagues when clients came in - shutting the clients out.

Therapists - some were very pleasant, loved their jobs and some were just in it for the money - hence not all therapists had returning clients.

Manager - was often on her mobile phone, chatting with family and friends and not interested in the staff or the clients, unless the boss was there.  When the boss was around, the manager appeared to be very "customer" orientated.

Attendants - they were not really seen as important, often shouted at by the manager and therapists and really couldn't care less about the clients.

No team work at all - result - very few repeating customers and the company suffering.

How would a coach help - the coach would work with the owner first, find out what the MOST important aspects of the company are to be a success, then the coach puts together a plan, after spending time observing the staff working - to find out where the "disconnect" is

Coaching begins with the coach working with the whole team, using techniques to build the team.  The coach may even give recommendations to change some of the team, as with a box of apples, having one bad apple, soon corrupts the whole box - so it is important to work with the right team.

If you would like a fact finding session, to ascertain if team coaching or business coaching or executive coaching is the right way to go, call Anne on 04 3887552 today