Anatomy Physiology and Pathology Book by Louise Tucker

Anatomy Physiology and Pathology Text Book

Anatomy Physiology and Pathology text book By Louise Tucker

We recommend this book. However, other Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology books are a key resource for all students taking body treatment and beauty diplomas.  This is the awarding body-recommended book. However, other books are also recommended for this subject.

Anatomy is the structure of the human body, Physiology is a function of the human body, and Pathology is when things tend to go wrong, through diseases or dysfunction, which could be genetic or from accidents, allergies and more.

Students find this particular book helpful with all their studies on all qualifications.  Particularly helpful to use a study resource when coming up with mock and final exams.

As our students become graduates, they hang onto the recommended books as they do not know where life will lead them.  This is a very valuable asset to keep.

Available to purchase online here or in our centre, which is located in Umm Sequeim1, Dubai, UAE