Endorphin Effect - effective and simple technique to bring happiness

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Originally taught by William Bloom – Presented by Anne Elizabeth Cook

The Endorphin Effect is a set of easy-to-use strategies that support holistic health and development.

Endorphins are natural chemicals produced by the body, part of the family of chemicals known as hormones and neuropeptides, in each and every one of us. They are produced in every cell of the body and are involved in the relaxation of tissue, the anaesthetizing of pain and the physical sensations of pleasure. All zoological creatures, including the single-celled, produce endorphins.

A well-balanced state of health includes an on-going production of endorphins.

Babies, toddlers and children are naturally – given a non-violent family and culture – endorphinated. As adolescents and adults we tend to lose our natural wellbeing and tighten up. Adrenalin and cortisol – the hormones of tension and anxiety – begin to predominate, stress soon takes hold.

The Endorphin Effect identifies five strategies that trigger the production of hormones: • Rest • Exercise • Positive Triggers • Attitude of Inner Smile • Connection with Natural World.

You will learn these techniques and be able to use them, whenever you choose to, even when you are exhausted or ill.

This 1 day workshop takes you to the heart of mind-body-spirit wellbeing. It will give you precise and easily practised strategies for supporting and improving your physical and emotional health.

It combines the essence of the traditional eastern and holistic approaches – mindfulness and healing – with the very best of modern psychology and neuroscience, as described in William’s book The Endorphin Effect.

You will learn and experience techniques that can improve your physical and psychological health, and which you can share with friends, patients and clients, in fact everyone.

In particular, you will learn how to calm and guide yourself so that you can produce endorphins, the ‘miracle’ hormones whenever you want and regardless of circumstances. Endorphins are the hormones that relax tissue, enable flexibility, remove pain, and create the physical sensations of wellbeing. They work in relationship with oxytocin and serotonin to reduce the hormones of anxiety and tension, adrenalin and cortisol.

These strategies can be used even when tired, on overload or in crisis at any time of day, in any situation.

When you feel good, they can make you feel even better. This weekend gives you the precise concepts and techniques for achieving this. 


  • Positive Triggers – Use the enjoyable thoughts and activities that trigger endorphins.
  • Inner Smile – The most important mind-body attitude of all for sustained good health.
  • The Relax – Well Way  Rest, relax and regenerate in any situation.
  • Biophylia and Connection – How your body connects with the natural world to give you healing vitality whenever you want.


  • Physical Releases tension, relaxes tissue, ameliorates pain, boosts immune system, supports convalescence and ongoing health.
  • Psychological and Emotional Empowers and encourages because you can self-manage your own chemistry and mood with no drugs or dependency.
  • General Burnout decreased; bedside manner improved.
  • Holistic and Spiritual Enables the flow and absorption of natural vitality. Benefits similar to those of meditation, yoga, tai chi, qi gung and spiritual healing — increased mental focus, clarity of consciousness, calm and flexibility — but without great time commitment or physical movement. It is also a great strategy for centering, grounding and entering meditation.

Patrick Herzog who recently attended the Endorphin Effect workshop wrote:

"Would you like to wake up on a tropical beach or a gorgeous mountaintop every morning? Be accompanied throughout your day by your beloved or a very good friend? Feel like putting up your legs on a deckchair or curling up in your warm bed all day? Sorry, can’t do that for you – but here’s a very close second best: The Endorphin Effect!"

 Dr S Miller, Penny Brohn Cancer Help Centre:

“The Endorphin Effect is a profound yet universal and easily applied process for enhancing one’s joy and fulfilment in life. It’s good for your health at all levels.”


9.30am Registration for 10am prompt start – 5pm.

Dress very relaxed, includes veggie lunch, beverages and great training

dates to be advised in April, May, June 2015

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