Harley Ingrown Hair Solution

Harley Ingrown Hair Solution

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Harley Ingrown Hair Solution

Harley Waxing launches a new after-wax product designed to ease irritation and prevent ingrown hairs.

We have listened to our salon customers. At Harley Waxing, we are rightfully proud of the quality and reliability of our products. Every therapist using our products loves the way they work – not to mention the delicious way they smell! We are always looking for products to boost our waxing range, and we are excited to introduce a new solution for clients to take home with them.

Ingrown hairs spoil the finish of a great wax. Our new Ingrown Hair Solution reduces the build-up of dead skin cells that can block pores, causing irritation and ingrown hairs. Use straight after waxing to soothe and treat skin, leaving a calm, refreshed and smooth result.

Waxing doesn’t have to lead to irritation. We want to change the way clients view waxing and entice new customers who might have skin sensitivity concerns. That’s why we’ve invested in developing another UK-made, natural waxing companion product. Packed with plant extracts and with Arnica and Allantoin, clients will see a noticeable reduction in bumps and redness.

Easy to use and gentle on the skin. Our Ingrown Hair Solution can be used every day, until any redness has cleared up. With continued use clients will see a smoother, more polished finish to the skin after waxing. They will love the look and the feel – and salons will love the positive recognition from their customers after another great waxing experience.

We all know it’s essential to finish a wax with a cooling, soothing moisturiser or oil. But with Harley Wax, salons should feel confident that they are using the right product for the specific job. That’s why our Ingrown Hair Solution will become an essential part of the waxing routine for Harley Waxing customers.

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