Harley Wax Pre Waxing Oil

Harley Wax Pre Waxing Oil

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Harley Pre-Waxing Oil (500ml)

Used with a Harley Hot Wax, Enabling the wax to shrink wrap to the hair and not the skin

  • An essential product for Harley Hot Waxing treatments.
  • Applying this oil to the area you wish to wax allows the wax to shrink-wrap itself to the hair, not the skin.
  • This reduces the pull on the skin, thus reducing the pain and redness and lowers the possibility of any in-growing hairs.
  • After you have finished your waxing, apply a little Harley AfterCare Oil for maximum results, Hygiene & smoothness.

It’s fast, clean, leaves very little sticky residue and it is virtually pain-free. With a choice of Hot & Strip Waxes, either you, the therapist, or the client, will be able to remove even the shortest of hair from all problem areas; legs, facial, underarms, bikini, Brazilian & Hollywood (specialty waxing).

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