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Health and Wellbeing - Online/Distance Course

Aims and Objectives  

This Level 3 Award in Healthy Eating and Well-Being for the Complementary Therapy Client is a vocational qualification recognised by Ofqual within the Qualification and Credit Framework. 

It focuses on the underpinning knowledge required by the Complementary Therapy Industry to support clients through advice on healthy eating. 

The qualification is designed to provide a sound platform onto further learning or training leading to occupational competency for employment or to provide further knowledge for those already qualified in Complementary Therapies 

This Level 3 Award in Healthy Eating and Well-Being for the Complementary Therapy Client is comprised of 10 lessons and an assignment to be completed.

Total Guided Learning Hours        30  Recommended Guided learning hours

As Complementary Therapists they will be working with clients who may benefit from general advice on healthy eating  

You may also want to learn for your self, family and friends the nutritional information for better health, naturally.

This course comprises of the following lessons and subjects

  1. Function of protein, fat/lipids, carbohydrates, roughage/fibre, water, vitamins and minerals in the diet, identifying examples in common food sources  
  2. Describe how nutrients may be effected by: - • The cooking process • Refining food • Environmental pollutants
  3. Explain what constitutes a balanced diet
  4. Explain the importance and benefits of eating regularly
  5. Explain how nutritional imbalance can affect health and well-being  
  6. Explain metabolism, Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) and units of energy  
  7. Identify the basic rules/guidelines to food labelling
  8. Evaluate the client's present eating habits in line with current healthy eating guidelines
  9. Provide general information to maintain health and well-being  
  10. Explain the factors that should be considered when planning healthy eating for the Complementary Therapy Client

The assignment information and requirements are sent to you with your first lesson, once registration and completion of payment for the course has been done.

You will require the following

  • This course registration
  • Nutrition A Practical Approach, by Suzanne Le Quesne
  • A quite place to study
  • Passion and time

We wish you well in your studies.

Other students have found this course to be inspiring and have continued to the next level of 100 hours of training which includes case studies and an online exam.

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