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Reiki Level 3 - Advanced Shinpenden Level

Level 3 or the advance level brings more understanding of energy, receiving of the master symbol, and an understanding of what being a “master” means. This is the completion of the Usui system and here I also include the Tibetan master symbol to bring a deeper experience for the student.

Level 3 is also taught over one day, students are required to have 6 case studies, of a minimum of 3 sessions per case study before proceeding to the advanced level.

Student investment – Dh3,000 per person

 Dates to be confirmed

Advanced Reiki Training Class Outline

This advanced class brings together the teachings of levels 1 and 2 to a place where the student is introduced to additional symbols and techniques for healing.

These symbols enhance the healing with universal life force energy, to bring the reiki practitioner to a place of better understanding of energy, how to use it for deeper stronger healing for themselves and others.

During the class you will be shown how to use crystals and stones with Reiki. How to use a single crystal to send Reiki continuously. Making a Reiki grid for healing and manifestation.

Lots of time to practice, discuss and learn these new techniques.

These symbols are given as the Master level of reiki to use for healing, clearing energy blocks and enhancing energy.

Additional techniques are taught with Moving Meditation, Reiki psychic surgery – assists in removing negative psychic energy from yourself and others.

Practice using master symbol throughout the classes, which is held over two days.

There will be additional tests written and practical at the end of the two days, to ensure understanding of how to use the energy, safely and ethically, including a short written test

The end of each day we will regroup, ground and protect our energy and close the sessions with a meditation

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