Spring Clean Essential Oil Kit

Spring Clean Essential Oil Kit

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Everything you need to naturally refresh and purify your home with no nasty chemicals! Throw open your windows and use these natural spring cleaning heroes to freshen and purify your home and revive your mind and body. This Exclusive Bundle includes:

How to Use

Our top tips:

• Keep floors clean and germ-free by adding 15 drops of our Eucalyptus essential oil to a bucket of hot water and get mopping.

• For an affective bin refresher, remove the bin bag and sprinkle two drops of Eucalyptus oil in the bottom of the bin. Once it’s dry, replace the bag and let this odour-eater get to work! Use 1 drop of Eucalyptus and 1 drop of Lemon to soften the aroma if you find Eucalyptus a little harsh on its own.

• For a great all-purpose spray, add 10 drops of our Tea Tree essential oil to 250mls of white vinegar and 250mls water in a spray bottle. Apply to kitchen countertops, bathroom sinks or tiled floors.

• Shine up your wooden furniture with Orange essential oil and enjoy the zesty scent that freshens up the entire room. Add 10 drops of Orange essential oil to 100ml of blending oil, such as Sweet Almond Oil, stir them together, dip a polishing cloth in and wipe over the furniture. Using a separate soft cloth, buff it up and see it shine.

• Remove unwanted aromas in the air and give rooms a sunny, happy and lively vibe with a blend of citrus oils. Simply add 20 drops of your chosen essential oils to 1 tablespoon of baking soda in a small bowl and mix thoroughly. Add the mixture to a 100 ml spray bottle and top up with tepid water. Shake bottle thoroughly before each use and spritz into the air.